Jeff Holmquist

Jeff Homquist Photo

Jeff Holmquist, Research Scientist

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
White Mountain Research Center

University of California, Los Angeles
3000 E. Line St.
Bishop, CA 93514


Research Interests

My research addresses questions concerning plant-animal interactions, landscape structure as a determinant of faunal movement and assemblage character, and the effects of anthropogenic and natural disturbance on ecological function.  Much of our team's work emphasizes invertebrates, although we utilize other taxa as questions dictate.  We have used both experimental and observational approaches, and recent studies have extended across several scales, ranging from patch boundary dynamics at the microhabitat level to experimental manipulations of rivers. This work has taken us to alpine meadows and streams, montane ponds, tropical seagrass meadows, and desert springs and playas.

Six representative papers (see all publications)

Holmquist, J.G., J.M. Schmidt-Gengenbach, and A. Demetry. 2014. Efficacy of low and high complexity vegetation treatments for reestablishing terrestrial arthropod assemblages during montane wetland restoration. Restoration Ecology 22:649–656 [or here]

Holmquist, JG, TJ Waddle. 2013. Predicted macroinvertebrate response to water diversion from a montane stream using two-dimensional hydrodynamic models and zero flow approximation. Ecological Indicators 28:115-124 [or here]

Holmquist, JG, JM Schmidt-Gengenbach, MR Slaton. 2011. Influence of invasive palms on terrestrial arthropod assemblages in desert spring habitat. Biological Conservation 144: 518-525 [or here]

Greathouse, EA, CM Pringle, WH McDowell, JG Holmquist. 2006. Indirect upstream effects of dams: consequences of migratory consumer extirpation in Puerto Rico. Ecological Applications 16: 339-352 [or here]

Holmquist, JG. 1998. Permeability of patch boundaries to benthic invertebrates: influences of boundary contrast, light level, and faunal density and mobility. Oikos 81: 558-566 [or here]

Holmquist, JG JM Schmidt-Gengenbach, BB Yoshioka. 1998. High dams and marine-freshwater linkages: effects on native and introduced fauna in the Caribbean. Conservation Biology 12: 621-630 [or here]