Jeff Holmquist

Curriculum Vitae

PhD  1987-1992        Florida State University, Biological Science 
MS    1979-1981        Ohio State University, Zoology
BS     1975-1979        Louisiana State University, Zoology and Physiology


Productivity Award, University of Puerto Rico
Margaret Menzel Award for Doctoral Research in Biology, Florida State University

Research and Teaching Experience

2012-present     Research Scientist (Full), University of California Los Angeles, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, White Mountain Research Center.  Research center and appointment transferred from UC San Diego to UCLA.  Continued development of research program.

2001-11       Associate Research Scientist, University of California San Diego, White Mountain Research Station. Primarily research but some teaching: NSF REU and WMRS intern programs; wilderness skills; visiting professor teaching invertebrate zoology at the University of Puerto Rico (2002); served on graduate committees and advised undergraduates.

1995-2001   Tenured Associate Professor, Dept. of Marine Sciences, University of Puerto Rico. Teaching: Community Ecology, Invertebrate Zoology, and co-taught a Technical Presentations course; started and ran departmental seminar series. Invertebrate museum curator.  Graduate students advised.

1992-95       Assistant Professor, Dept. Marine Science, University of Puerto Rico. See above.

1987-92       Research and teaching assistant, Florida State University. Projects: 1) Experimental design for test of effects of shifting water color on submerged aquatic vegetation, 2) Climate trends as a function of wetland drainage. Teaching: Invertebrate Zoology, Animal Diversity (including some honors sections).

1987           Project technician, S. Florida Research Center, Everglades National Park. Seagrass microhabitat characteristics and crustacean and fish distribution.

1983-86       Research Associate, National Audubon Society Research Dept.  Ecology of seagrasses and associated fauna at several scales.

1981-83       Science Instructor/Science Director at Newfound Harbor Marine Institute/Seacamp, respectively.  Marine field education, middle school though undergraduate.

1979-80       Teaching assistant, Ohio State University. Evolution, Introductory Biology.


Funding and subject area, all as sole PI except where noted (funding <$10k not included)

2014-17 Determining rotenone effects on benthic invertebrates: a Before-After-Control-Impact experimental approach. USGS ($118k)

2014-15 Effects of pack stock grazing on stream invertebrates. NPS ($92k)

2013-15 Terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates in wetland assessment. NPS ($23k)

2011-16 Floodplain connectivity along a regulated river. NPS ($384k)

2010-14    Response of wetland invertebrates to varying plant densities during restoration. NPS ($121k)

2012-14  Role of winter precipitation in mediating pack stock effects on terrestrial arthropods and vegetation. NPS ($63k)

2012-14 Effects of pack fords on stream invertebrates and algae. NPS ($73k)

2012-14 Patch scale effects of pack stock on invertebrates and plants in Yosemite National Park. NPS ($30k)

2010-12    Assessment of within-year and between-year effects of stock grazing on meadow invertebrates and wetland habitat in Sequoia National Park. NPS ($169k)

2007-11    Invertebrate assemblages in the Tuolumne River and response to experimental dam releases. NPS ($165k)

2009-11    Macroinvertebrate response to flow changes in a montane and a subalpine stream: predictions from two-dimensional hydrodynamic models. NPS ($93k)

2006-10    Terrestrial and aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages as a function of wetland type across a mountain landscape. NPS ($112k)

2009-10    Effects of introduced palms on terrestrial arthropod assemblages in Death Valley spring ecosystems. NPS ($41k)

2008-09    A first assessment of long-term stock effects on fauna: invertebrates in grazed versus ungrazed meadows. NPS ($36k)

2006-08    Experimental and observational study of effects of human trampling on subalpine wetlands. NPS ($52k)

2005-06    Research Experiences for Undergraduates Supplement: Summer research experiences in environmental biology in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains of California. NSF ($17k)

2003-06    Assemblage structure of wetland invertebrates as a function of elevation, season, hydrology, and vegetation. NPS ($150k)

2003-05    Assemblage structure in, and inventory of, a montane ecosystem: stream and riparian habitats associated with the San Joaquin River. NPS ($30k)

2002-04    Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Summer Research Experiences in Environmental Biology in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains of California. NSF (Co-PI during last year with E Berlow, S Szewczak, M Morrison)  ($235k)

2001-03    Effects of trails and habitat fragmentation on invertebrate fauna. Yosemite Fund ($70k)

2001          Effects of branchiopod grazing on algal assemblages. U.S. Army Research Office  ($25k)

1995-99    Restoring marine-freshwater connections of amphidromous shrimps, including an ecosystem-level experiment. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ($142k)

1997-98    Transport of freshwater shrimp larvae into estuaries. U.S. Forest Service ($27k)

1995-98    Is recolonization of seagrass-associated invertebrates in canopy gaps directly related to seagrass density? U.S. Department of Defense ($109k)

1994-95    Is flow a predictor of habitat choice and larval release in amphidromous shrimps? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ($48k)

1993-94     Recovery of canopy gaps in seagrass beds: interactions between disturbances and macroalgae. U.S. Army Research Office ($98k)

1993-94    Effects of dams and flow variability on native shrimps and fishes and introduced species. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  ($27k)

1986        Factors influencing shrimp and fish distribution in a subtropical lagoon. Center for Field Studies (Co-PI with G Powell and S Sogard) ($50k)

Academic and Community Service

Editorial Board: Ecological Indicators

Reviewed for 35 journals, publishers, and funding agencies

Served in several National Park Service workgroups

Steering committee member for symposium: Climate, Ecosystems, and Resources in Eastern California

Member or chair of several departmental committees at the University of Puerto Rico

Active member of the Mono County mountain search and rescue team since 2000. Volunteer team assists the injured and lost in the alpine environment, such as climbers, backcountry skiers, backpackers, and snowmobilers.  Particular interests include high-angle rescue, avalanche hazard assessment, and search management. Emergency Medical Technician.